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Madhosh By Irfan Ahamd khan Novel pdf

Madhosh By Irfan Ahamd khan Novel Pdf

The Madhosh Novel is an Urdu novel written by Irfan Ahmad Khan. It’s a story about social and romantic connections. The author describes the changes in social and moral values. According to him, people are following the western life’s negative attributes. According to him, these changes aren’t in harmony with our culture.

The novelist and story pen Irfan Ahmad Khan is notorious for his work. further than a dozen quality books were penned by him in his brilliant jotting career. He also wrote humorous papers. He’s presently writing some stories for the yearly condensation. Please partake the book Madhosh Novel Pdf with your musketeers.
The author discusses the problems of common people in this social and romantic novel. He explains how moral values are changing in our society. People are getting selfish, he says. Then are some of the reasons why. Despite his belief in fustiness, he doesn’t promote a ridiculous life. His books and novels are excellent. People loved the way he wrote his books. Madhosh Novel

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