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LinkedIn Reveals fast-Growing Jobs in the UAE And KSA

LinkedIn Reveals fast-Growing Jobs in the UAE And KSA: Dubai, Jan 23rd, 2022 – According to new data from LinkedIn, the world’s largest data scientist, cyber security expert, talent expert and backend programmer is one of the fastest growing jobs in the UAE and the UK. from Saudi Arabia. professional network.

Pandemics, digitalization and a series of new government policies in the region have affected this year’s list.

While the list lists a number of new career opportunities in KSA and the UAE, it highlights a new trend in the UK: the continued evolution of the workplace and the rise of employment, the top five staffing roles and focused on the talent. Areas such as big data, network security and machine learning are also the fastest growing skills in the region, as technology and artificial intelligence continue to be at the heart of the region’s agenda. More info

Trust is growing

In addition to creating the fastest growing jobs, a new LinkedIn study found that 9 out of 10 MENA professionals are confident in their current position. This growing confidence, in turn, could stimulate the desire among the workforce to change jobs, with 78% planning to change jobs this year. Job competition in the UAE has also dropped by almost 35 per cent, and job seekers in all markets are in a stronger position to discuss pay and conditions that will benefit their ideal world of work.

It found that the desire to consider a new job seemed to decrease with age, with 9 in 10 (87%) of Gen Z respondents looking for a change compared to boomers and 71% of Gen Xers.

The staff know what you want and are willing to ask for it.

The study found that nearly 85 percent of workers feel confident about promoting or seeking new job opportunities in the workplace, nearly half of workers surveyed in KSA and 40 percent of workers surveyed in the UAE they think that their beliefs will only help. Be better in 2022. One of the main reasons for the increase in workers’ confidence may be related to the prevalence of flexible working with 51% of the workforce, which has increased their confidence to think about trying a new career.

Wages appear to be a key factor: 48 percent say the increase in compensation money is a good reason to consider a new job, while 50 percent say a pay raise will convince them to keep their job. current employer.

Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn MENA and EMEA Venture Markets, said: “We are witnessing a significant impact from the fast-growing corporate world. New government policies, accelerating digitization, and updated business priorities are reflected in the fastest growing jobs we see today. Now, more than ever, professionals are rethinking why they work and how they want to work, and we’ve seen employee confidence skyrocket as a result.

He added: “Eight out of 10 professionals in the UAE and KSA are considering changing their jobs. This is part of a broader global trend, with companies looking to not only hire but also retain quality talent. policies and incentives. Candidates are increasingly looking for organizations to choose to apply to, citing flexibility, compensation and company culture as crucial factors. ”

Helping the workforce Find New jobs

A new study by LinkedIn shows that 78% of the UAE and KSA population are considering changing roles by 2022, with improved pay (48%) and the opportunity to learn new skills (45%). are factors that force them to relocate. .

To help job seekers, LinkedIn opens LinkedIn Learning courses around the world and helps professionals gain the skills to find the next opportunities. These include: Creating great first impressions, video interview tips, finding a job remotely, and finding work in companies that cover diversity and inclusion. These courses are free until June 30,

LinkedIn also publishes a 10-year Global Talent Trends report aimed at reinventing company culture. The report provides insight into how companies can stand out in a competitive market and attract the best talent.

The 5 fastest growing jobs of KSA and the skills needed

Fastest Growing Roles”: KSA: Skills needed
  1. User Experience Designer
  1. User Experience (UX), User Interface Design, Adobe XD, User Interface Prototyping
2 .Cyber Security Specialist 2′ Cybersecurity, Information Security, Network Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Ethical Hacking
3;. Legal Specialist 3: Legal Writing, Legal Research, Legal Consulting, Legal Assistance
4. Talent Acquisition Specialist $. :RecUser Experience (UX), User Interface Design, Adobe XD, User Interface Prototyping
ruiting, Talent Management, Human Resources (HR), Sourcing:
5: Human Resources Operations Specialist

The 5 fastest growing jobs in the UAE and the skills you need

Fastest Growing Roles: Skills needed in
1. Content Coordinators .Adobe Premiere Pro, Digital Marketing, Website Content Writing”
2. :Back End Developer: :Back-End Development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python (Programming Language:
3. :Data Scientist :Python (Programming Language), Predictive Modeling, R (Programming Language), Data Science:
4: :E-commerce Coordinator: :E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
5 “Business Development Associate: :;Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Communication, Marketing Strategy, Team Management”:


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